Curriculum Vitae: Daniel Fürth

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B.Sc. Psychology, Karolinska Institutet (2011), B.Sc. Thesis Title:Inter-individual variability, measurement structures and information in aversive learning

Grants and Scholarships
Trust Fund in Memory of Professor Bror Gadelius, 2011, Project title: Prepulse inhibition (PPI) as a translational tool for predicting disease progression and treatment outcomes in schizophrenia.

Summer course medical research, KI 2009

Poster presentations:
Daniel Fürth, Sari Karlsson, Martin Bellander, Yvonne Brehmer, Olle Bergman, Elias Eriksson, Laura Fratiglioni, and Lars Bäckman (2010) Cytokine gene-gene interaction associated with decreased ability to
utilize retrieval support in episodic memory among healthy older adults. Cognitive Aging Conference, Atlanta, April 15-18 (though longer due to ash cloud... )

Daniel Fürth, Andreas Olsson, Madlen Derbsch, Evelyn Andersson, Armita Golkar, Tina Lonsdorf,
Arne Öhman (2009) Learning to Fear others through Pavlovian Conditioning and Social Punishment.
49th Annual Meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research, Berlin, October 21-24.

Peer-reviewed articles:
Bellander M, Brehmer Y, Westerberg H, Karlsson S, Fürth D, Bergman O, Eriksson E, Bäckman L. (2011) Preliminary evidence that allelic variation in the LMX1A gene influences training-related working memory improvement. Neuropsychologia.

Yvonne Brehmer, Helena Westerberg, Martin Bellander, Daniel Fürth, Sari Karlsson, Lars Bäckman
(2009) Working Memory Plasticity Modulated by Dopamine Transporter Genotype, Neurosci

In prep
Daniel Fürth, Armita Golkar, Arne Öhman, Andreas Olsson (in prep) Learning to Fear Others:
Pavlovian and Instrumental conditioning in social triadic interactions


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